Friday, August 13, 2010

Hypocrite.. me?

The big bad evil television has been introduced to my 9 month old baby girl. I always said, "Oh, I'll never let my little one watch the tele!" And, I would judge those that did prop their little ones in front of it. Well, I'm a big fat hypocrite. It's hard keeping up with a little one that can get into just about EVERYTHING! And the 20 minutes of one Baby Einstein video can't be that bad. To make myself feel better about it all, I make sure she's watching with friends.

On the recovery front, one more week of liquids! Yay! I've been able to keep my weight up, so that's good. I have discovered that Chinese food tastes just about the same when it's all thrown into the blender. Oh, and one of my new favorites... albondigas! So yummy even when it's all smooshed up.

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