Saturday, August 7, 2010

17 Days Post-op

Last Sunday we met the family in Lotus and had a fun filled day at the river. Unfortunately, I left my camera behind! Sissy has it and as soon as I get it back from her I'll be back to posting pictures.

I went to the doctor's again yesterday. I received this crazy letter from my insurance company stating they weren't going to cover my hospital stay, even though they approved it before I went in for surgery. Doc told me his office will handle it and to not worry about it. The hospital will fight for me as well so that's good to hear.

I managed to gain 2 lbs last week. The splint in my mouth has been removed and I only have to wear the rubber bands at night so I can finally talk normal. I can't eat solids though for another two weeks!! This is going to be the longest two weeks ever.

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